Friday, December 6, 2013

Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

"Emmy Laybourne-  is a novelist and recovering character actress. She appeared in the movies Superstar and The In-Laws, the NBC series DAG and Comedy Central's Premium Blend, among other. Emmy lives in upstate New York with her husband, their two children, and a feisty, slightly judgmental, bearded dragon named Goldie. Monument 14 is her fiction debut." Copyrighted by Square Fish, an imprint of Macmillian New York 2012.
Monument 14- Written by Emmy Laybourne, published by Square Fish an imprint of Macmillan New York 2012. I had the honor of interviewing Emma for my blog Children Books and other cool stuff. You will find the questions and answers below. Thank You Emma for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my six questions.
I'm so delighted to be here on Children Books and Other Cool Stuff! Thank you David, for having me on your blog!

1) What kind of children books, did you read as a child? Which ones influenced you the most?
As a child, I was fascinated with the “Little House” series. Even now, as a grown up, Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the authors I admire the most. She was able to write gripping, compelling stories with no cursing, no sex and no "writer's tricks." How did she write such wholesome stories that continue to captivate readers so many years later? It's a mystery and every time I read ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK, I ponder it.
2) In your book, you talk about the world ending, do you think that our own world is also heading in that direction? 
I sure hope not! While I’m extremely concerned about climate change and  environmental pollution, I also have faith in man’s ability to innovate. I hope we can invent a way to preserve the ozone layer before it’s too late.

3) In your own opinion, what and who can save our world? 
Science and scientists! Bring us efficient solar panels and fuel cell automobiles and cancer-fighting nano-bots and trash-eating microbes! Please, scientists, hurry!

4) Why did you choose "Greenway" as a setting for your book? 
The Greenway store is modeled on a Target. I studied Wal-Marts a bit, but found they had too much of everything! The kids would have never needed to leave the store. I suppose you might be asking a bigger question - why did I choose to set my book in a superstore. The truth is that I really love superstores. I like to wander the aisles and think about how I could make the store into a home, if I had to. That kind of musing is where the germ of the idea came from -- what if a bunch of kids had to live in a superstore because of an environmental catastrophe? I find my best ideas all come in the form of "What if" questions.
5) What advise can you give to new writers, that are seeking to get their books published?
If you're going to be an artist of any kind, you will need to learn how to turn off your internal critic when you are working. You cannot create and judge your work simultaneously. It just doesn't work that way. 
For this reason, I'd recommend taking an improv class! When you are doing improv, you learn very quickly how to shut that internal critic off - or he shuts you down. You can also learn a lot about story structure and character development on your feet in front of an audience.

6) Are you currently working on any new projects? Please tell us about them.  
I'm so excited about my newest project. Every day, when I sit down to write, it's a big adventure. The characters keep doing this crazy stuff that I'm not entirely prepared for (like kissing each other!). It's called SWEET and it's a YA thriller set about a celebrity-studded cruise to promote a new diet sweetener that goes terribly wrong.
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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reference Book World

What makes you think about when you hear the word Reference Books. A dusty pile of books that are never used standing on a library shelf? The books that are used often but cannot be taken out. Actually there is much more to them than that. I used to work in several libraries and worked closely with this collection. From cataloging them to placing them on the library shelves. Reference book play an important role in any library. In this update I decided to dedicate a post to Reference Books.


Reference Books 

"Scholastic Children's Dictionary- This book was put together by  many people. Scholastic Books Inc. Published USA 2013. This Dictionary is a wonderful tool for both children and adults. It is full of wonderful illustrations and detailed word meanings. It is divided into many sections and covers everything from Thesaurus to different facts. It is very easy to follow and is a wonderful reference tool not only for students, but teachers. This Dictionary is actually well written and fun. I highly recommend that every school get a copy. It also can also be an author's companion as he/she puts together a masterpiece.

"Rocks and Minerals"- Written by Dan Green. Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. Printed in Singapore. This book teaches you everything about rocks and minerals. It is a part of Scholastic's discover more series. It looks at where they come from? and how they are made. It describes everything a child wants to know on this topic. I think it is a great tool for children of all ages. It also has a collector's guide that can be easily followed by both children and adults who use rocks in there everyday practice.  The photography found here is wonderful and realistic and makes a great gift to your librarian or child.

"Year in Sports 2014"-  Written by James Buckley Jr. and Beth Craig Zachary. Published by Shoreline publishing Group LLC 2013 an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed in USA. Inside all of us are sport fans that truly love their teams and sports. We cheer them in good times and bad. We cry with them if they loose and celebrate if they win. This book is for the sport's fan inside us all. It covers many sports from college football to pro sports and beyond. Another thing that makes this book unique,  is all the wonderful sport facts found inside. Get out there, buy a copy and remember to share it with you little sport's fan near your fireplace fire. Don't forget the hot chocolate either.

"Scholastic 2014 Almanac for Kids"-  Written by Lynn Brunelle, Jim Brunelle, Delia Greve, Monique Peterson and Research by Brianne Mclnelly. Published by Scholastic Inc. 2013. Printed in USA.  Our children are always curious about the world and usually ask amazing questions that adults can't answer most of the time. This Almanac is the perfect tool for you. It is full of interesting facts about the world around us. It covers massive information in about 350 pages. It covers everything that young minds want to know. It is not only a great book for children but librarians and writers as well. Get a copy of this Almanac, and use it to answer your children's questions.

"Scholastic 2014 Book of World Records."- Written by Jenifer Corr Morse. Published by Georgin Bay LLC. An imprint of Scholastic Inc. World Records are set often and change every year. The most popular world record book is Ripley's, The second on this list is "Scholastic's. It is divided into six sections covering everything from money to sports. The book has wonderful photos and illustrations and many fantastic facts. I think you child can have lots of fun with it. I personally enjoyed the USA section that does a wonderful job in covering this great country of ours. It includes all states and their world records. From pop culture and amazing facts, this book makes a great gift for any kid or adult.

 My next update will be something very special for everyone to read an author Spotlight enjoy.