Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Eight 2013

Picture Books


The Green Bath-  Written by Margaret Mahy, Illustrated by Steven Kellogg. Published by Arthur A. Levine Books. An imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed  in Malaysia 2013. When Sammy's father brings home a green bath tub Sammy plunges into an adventure he has been waiting for. The book full of amazing illustrations helps nurture a child's imagination. After you read this book to your little one, bath time will never be the same.    
The Dream Keeper-  Written and illustrated by Robert Ingpen. Published by Penguin Young Readers Group. New York 2006. The book is written in the form of a personnel letter of a grandfather to his grandchild, where he describes a Dream Keeper and his world. This magical creature catches our dreams and keeps them safe. The painting like illustrations make this book hard to put down. This fantastic tale unlocks a new world to children and takes them on a visual journey to" A world just around the corner of your mind.'  
When Lions Roar- Written by Robie H. Harris and Illustrated by Chris Raschka. Published by Orchard Books An Imprint of Scholastic Inc... New York 2013. How can a child handle all the scary noises that surround him? The author explores the idea of how to transform this intimidating world into something peaceful and serene. After you read this book to your youngsters their fears might go away.

Good Night Sleep Tight- Written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Judy Horacek.  Published by Orchard Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. New York 2012. Originally Published in Australia. When Bonnie's and Ben's favorite babysitter  Skinny Doug watches them, he tells them famous Rhymes his mother had told him once. By not following the traditional picture book storyline, makes this book unique. It will introduce your children to well known rhymes, and make a wonderful bed time story.   

The Gingerbread Bear- Written by Robert Dennis and Illustrated by Tammie Lyon. Published by Cartwheel Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. New York 2012. This is a variation of the classic "The Gingerbread Man." An interesting story of a gingerbread bear who thinks he is the smartest of them all. After a little girl and her mother decide to bake a cookie for dinner it comes to life and runs away. The bear dodged several people and animals; until he meets his match a clever park ranger. It is a funny book that teaches that there will always someone more clever then you. It may be an interesting idea, and lesson, but overall the book is just a cute tale, that can make your child laugh.   

Train- Written and Illustrated by Elisha Cooper. Published by Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed in Malaysia 2013. Climb aboard a red Commuter Train and take a ride to the West. This book is a great teaching tool for your children especially those who love trains. The book takes you on a journey throughout our great country. The author capture's a reader's attention by detailed descriptions of how a train works and operates. This book is an excellent educational tool both for your child, and in the classroom as well.     

Goose in a Hole-  Written and illustrated by Judith Kerr. Published by Harper Collins Great Britten 2005. When a Dock pond runs down a hole, Katrina the goose makes the sensible decision to follow the water, and lead her entire family on an underground adventure. As you read the book and follow the Van Gough like illustration you will be thrown into an adventure you will never forget. The Goose family visits all kinds of interesting places looking for a new home, while the towns people fill their pond. Eventually Katrina and her family make it back home. I really enjoyed this cute story and so will your young child. The illustrations made the book a big treat.

The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy-  Written by Martha Brockenbrough, and Illustrated by Israel Sanchez. Published by Arthur A. Levine Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed in China 2013. It been a very long time since the Dinosaur Tooth Fairy had a lovely Dino tooth to collect. That is why she is excited when a little girl come by with a loose tooth, the perfect topping for her great collection. She is not the only one after that tooth. Will this cause a battle between tooth fairies or will a trade take place? The story is full of surprises and intrigue, and wonderful illustrations. Your young reader will want to hear this terrific story over and over again.     

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