Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Female Power in Young Adult Literature

Welcome to my new update for my blog. In this post, I will be looking at three books where Teenage girls overcame large obstacles and grew into women of power. Please enjoy my reviews.

Young Adult Books

“Story of a Girl”- This book was written by Sara Zarr, National book Award finalist published by Little Brown and Company 2007 New York and Boston. In this book the main character Deanna Lambert was caught by her father while she was making out with an older boy from school. She has been humiliated not only by her dad, but later by her classmates. She thought her life would be ruined forever. In this book, Deanna struggles to gain respect from others and move on with her life. Only by using the power within helped her grow into a beautiful woman. Girls can find this book very helpful in guiding them through their teenage years. The novel is realistic fiction at its best. The author succeeded making this book great, with the help of very intense emotional language, dialogues, monologues and relationships. She was able to reveal the inner struggles and victory of the main character. A great read for teenagers especially girls.

“Eon”- This book was written by Alison Goodman, published by Viking then Firebird books, an imprint of the Penguin Group. New York 2008. Imagine a world where Dragon Eyes are chosen every 12 years. Throughout history, this job was for boys only. Girls were believed not to have the same power as males. In this, book traditions have a way to be changed. It all starts on a salt farm where Eona works. She eventually found by a master who trains Dragon Eyes. She can see all 12 dragons, but how can she grow in a masculine run world?  There is only one way; to hide her true sex by living like a boy. The Cycle of the Rat Dragon is underway and this is her chance to connect. After the ceremony, a journey of power begins. History says that men had made a bargain with the Dragons long ago, but the truth is hidden. This wonderful book explores the struggle for power. It is full of fantastic descriptions, dialog, vivid landscape and lots of action. Alison combines everything to show the reader the truth of the Legend Eona the last Dragon Eye. I really enjoyed this great book, and I felt like I was a part of this journey. “Eon” is full of action, surprises, and a true page-turner. It opens a door into a world dominated by male power, but is this truly the case? “This book is a great fantasy for all teens.  

“Eona”-   This book was written by Alison Goodman, published by Viking Books an imprint of Penguin group New York, London and Ontario 2011. This is a sequel to “Eon”. The truth has been unveiled, but the struggle continues. The empire dies and a new battle for the thrown has begun.  Ten Dragon Eyes have been murdered and Eona learns that the convent of Dragons was really a prison for them. She is the first Lady Dragon Eye in 500 years. Her Dragon is The Mirror Dragon also known as the Queen of Dragons. In this sequel, she struggles to control her power. It is also a race against time to save the 12 dyeing Dragons and her land. An evil Uncle of the Empire has taken over the thrown. He only believes in greed, torture, power, and not in the love of the land. I really enjoyed this book. It asks the question can one powerful girl improve the world for the better or does her new power change her forever? Like the first, book “Eona” keeps the reader at the edge of the chair. It has action, beautiful landscapes, realistic characters and adds a love triangle between Kygo the true empire, Eona and Lord Ido a power hungry Dragon Eye, who Lady Eona healed. It has everything a teenager can ask for and it also creates a fantastic world that any reader can be immersed in.   
 Next update will be mid-February covering three picture books. Please share you Comments.            

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