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Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

"Emmy Laybourne-  is a novelist and recovering character actress. She appeared in the movies Superstar and The In-Laws, the NBC series DAG and Comedy Central's Premium Blend, among other. Emmy lives in upstate New York with her husband, their two children, and a feisty, slightly judgmental, bearded dragon named Goldie. Monument 14 is her fiction debut." Copyrighted by Square Fish, an imprint of Macmillian New York 2012.
Monument 14- Written by Emmy Laybourne, published by Square Fish an imprint of Macmillan New York 2012. I had the honor of interviewing Emma for my blog Children Books and other cool stuff. You will find the questions and answers below. Thank You Emma for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer my six questions.
I'm so delighted to be here on Children Books and Other Cool Stuff! Thank you David, for having me on your blog!

1) What kind of children books, did you read as a child? Which ones influenced you the most?
As a child, I was fascinated with the “Little House” series. Even now, as a grown up, Laura Ingalls Wilder is one of the authors I admire the most. She was able to write gripping, compelling stories with no cursing, no sex and no "writer's tricks." How did she write such wholesome stories that continue to captivate readers so many years later? It's a mystery and every time I read ON THE BANKS OF PLUM CREEK, I ponder it.
2) In your book, you talk about the world ending, do you think that our own world is also heading in that direction? 
I sure hope not! While I’m extremely concerned about climate change and  environmental pollution, I also have faith in man’s ability to innovate. I hope we can invent a way to preserve the ozone layer before it’s too late.

3) In your own opinion, what and who can save our world? 
Science and scientists! Bring us efficient solar panels and fuel cell automobiles and cancer-fighting nano-bots and trash-eating microbes! Please, scientists, hurry!

4) Why did you choose "Greenway" as a setting for your book? 
The Greenway store is modeled on a Target. I studied Wal-Marts a bit, but found they had too much of everything! The kids would have never needed to leave the store. I suppose you might be asking a bigger question - why did I choose to set my book in a superstore. The truth is that I really love superstores. I like to wander the aisles and think about how I could make the store into a home, if I had to. That kind of musing is where the germ of the idea came from -- what if a bunch of kids had to live in a superstore because of an environmental catastrophe? I find my best ideas all come in the form of "What if" questions.
5) What advise can you give to new writers, that are seeking to get their books published?
If you're going to be an artist of any kind, you will need to learn how to turn off your internal critic when you are working. You cannot create and judge your work simultaneously. It just doesn't work that way. 
For this reason, I'd recommend taking an improv class! When you are doing improv, you learn very quickly how to shut that internal critic off - or he shuts you down. You can also learn a lot about story structure and character development on your feet in front of an audience.

6) Are you currently working on any new projects? Please tell us about them.  
I'm so excited about my newest project. Every day, when I sit down to write, it's a big adventure. The characters keep doing this crazy stuff that I'm not entirely prepared for (like kissing each other!). It's called SWEET and it's a YA thriller set about a celebrity-studded cruise to promote a new diet sweetener that goes terribly wrong.
Thanks again for having me here! I'd love to stay connected with your readers at @EmmyLaybourne and



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Reference Book World

What makes you think about when you hear the word Reference Books. A dusty pile of books that are never used standing on a library shelf? The books that are used often but cannot be taken out. Actually there is much more to them than that. I used to work in several libraries and worked closely with this collection. From cataloging them to placing them on the library shelves. Reference book play an important role in any library. In this update I decided to dedicate a post to Reference Books.


Reference Books 

"Scholastic Children's Dictionary- This book was put together by  many people. Scholastic Books Inc. Published USA 2013. This Dictionary is a wonderful tool for both children and adults. It is full of wonderful illustrations and detailed word meanings. It is divided into many sections and covers everything from Thesaurus to different facts. It is very easy to follow and is a wonderful reference tool not only for students, but teachers. This Dictionary is actually well written and fun. I highly recommend that every school get a copy. It also can also be an author's companion as he/she puts together a masterpiece.

"Rocks and Minerals"- Written by Dan Green. Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. Printed in Singapore. This book teaches you everything about rocks and minerals. It is a part of Scholastic's discover more series. It looks at where they come from? and how they are made. It describes everything a child wants to know on this topic. I think it is a great tool for children of all ages. It also has a collector's guide that can be easily followed by both children and adults who use rocks in there everyday practice.  The photography found here is wonderful and realistic and makes a great gift to your librarian or child.

"Year in Sports 2014"-  Written by James Buckley Jr. and Beth Craig Zachary. Published by Shoreline publishing Group LLC 2013 an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed in USA. Inside all of us are sport fans that truly love their teams and sports. We cheer them in good times and bad. We cry with them if they loose and celebrate if they win. This book is for the sport's fan inside us all. It covers many sports from college football to pro sports and beyond. Another thing that makes this book unique,  is all the wonderful sport facts found inside. Get out there, buy a copy and remember to share it with you little sport's fan near your fireplace fire. Don't forget the hot chocolate either.

"Scholastic 2014 Almanac for Kids"-  Written by Lynn Brunelle, Jim Brunelle, Delia Greve, Monique Peterson and Research by Brianne Mclnelly. Published by Scholastic Inc. 2013. Printed in USA.  Our children are always curious about the world and usually ask amazing questions that adults can't answer most of the time. This Almanac is the perfect tool for you. It is full of interesting facts about the world around us. It covers massive information in about 350 pages. It covers everything that young minds want to know. It is not only a great book for children but librarians and writers as well. Get a copy of this Almanac, and use it to answer your children's questions.

"Scholastic 2014 Book of World Records."- Written by Jenifer Corr Morse. Published by Georgin Bay LLC. An imprint of Scholastic Inc. World Records are set often and change every year. The most popular world record book is Ripley's, The second on this list is "Scholastic's. It is divided into six sections covering everything from money to sports. The book has wonderful photos and illustrations and many fantastic facts. I think you child can have lots of fun with it. I personally enjoyed the USA section that does a wonderful job in covering this great country of ours. It includes all states and their world records. From pop culture and amazing facts, this book makes a great gift for any kid or adult.

 My next update will be something very special for everyone to read an author Spotlight enjoy.   


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Fun Middle Grade Books for the Ages

Middle Grade

 Goosebumps Most Wanted Book 5 Dr. Maniac Will See You know- Written by R.L Stine Goosebumps book series created by Parachute Press Inc. Published by Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. What is a boy to do when a tunnel between different worlds is open bringing with it adventure and danger that can change earth forever. In this gross and funny story, it is up to the three children to save the planet from comic book villains who want to take over. Richard Dreezer, his younger brother Ernie, and the most popular girl, Bree Birnbaum need to join forces to accomplish this monumental task. This book is written in Richard's voice and has the same charm as other "Goosebumps" books. Your middle grader will most likely finish it in one sitting.

 E very Soul a Star- Written by Wendy Mass and published by Little, Brown and company, Hachette Book Group, New York 2008. "One extraordinary event a rare solar eclipse brings together three unlikely friends:  Ally, Bree , and Jack. Coming from different backgrounds, and discovering new life long friendships, the children find the missing passion in their lives . The book is written from each child's point of view I found this book fantastic, beautiful and touching. Wendy brought her characters to life. This novel is not only a fun read, but it has educational value as well.

Spirit Animals Book 1 Wild Born- Written by Brandon Mull, and published by Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. The story takes place in a country Erdas, where a small group of individuals have the ability to release  spirit animals. When a child turns 11 years old, they are given a special potion that activates these creatures. If you are born with a spirit animal, you life changes forever.
Four children: Conor, Abeke, Meilin and Rollan separated by vast distances, and a class system are about to discover their new powers.  Each child connecting to their own spirit animal: wolf, leopard, panda and falcon. They are lost beasts from legend and now the children's fate is set. A dark force from the past is rising, and it is up these youngsters to stop it. This book is fast moving and a page turner. I really enjoyed this amazing world. Your middle grade reader will have lots of fun reading it.

Infinity Ring Book 4 Curse of the Ancients- Written by Matt De La Pena, and published by Scholastic Inc. New York 2013 printed in China. Our heroes Sera, Dak and Riq find themselves thousands years in the past. All their hope lies with the ancient Maya, a mysterious people who claim to know a great deal about the future. It is up to the children to save an ancient codex from falling into the hands of  the SQ.  Their adventure starts in the seventh century, then takes them across space and time 1000 years later. Like the other books in this New York Times bestselling series this one is written very well, and full of more questions then answers. I really enjoyed reading it. I bet your middle grader will do love it too.

Stranded Book 1- Written by Jeff Probst and Chris Tebbetts, Published by Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. by arrangement with Puffin Books, a division of Penguin Young Readers Group, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. It was supposed to be just a vacation for four new siblings to get to know each other better, but then a massive storm hits without warning causing them to be stranded on a rocky Jungle Island in the South Pacific. No adults, no instructions, and nobody to relay on, but themselves. Vanessa, Buzz, Carter and June must work together to survive. The book is not only about survival, but the relationship of four siblings each grow in their own way. It is a great book for any middle grader.


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Summer Eight 2013

Picture Books


The Green Bath-  Written by Margaret Mahy, Illustrated by Steven Kellogg. Published by Arthur A. Levine Books. An imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed  in Malaysia 2013. When Sammy's father brings home a green bath tub Sammy plunges into an adventure he has been waiting for. The book full of amazing illustrations helps nurture a child's imagination. After you read this book to your little one, bath time will never be the same.    
The Dream Keeper-  Written and illustrated by Robert Ingpen. Published by Penguin Young Readers Group. New York 2006. The book is written in the form of a personnel letter of a grandfather to his grandchild, where he describes a Dream Keeper and his world. This magical creature catches our dreams and keeps them safe. The painting like illustrations make this book hard to put down. This fantastic tale unlocks a new world to children and takes them on a visual journey to" A world just around the corner of your mind.'  
When Lions Roar- Written by Robie H. Harris and Illustrated by Chris Raschka. Published by Orchard Books An Imprint of Scholastic Inc... New York 2013. How can a child handle all the scary noises that surround him? The author explores the idea of how to transform this intimidating world into something peaceful and serene. After you read this book to your youngsters their fears might go away.

Good Night Sleep Tight- Written by Mem Fox and illustrated by Judy Horacek.  Published by Orchard Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. New York 2012. Originally Published in Australia. When Bonnie's and Ben's favorite babysitter  Skinny Doug watches them, he tells them famous Rhymes his mother had told him once. By not following the traditional picture book storyline, makes this book unique. It will introduce your children to well known rhymes, and make a wonderful bed time story.   

The Gingerbread Bear- Written by Robert Dennis and Illustrated by Tammie Lyon. Published by Cartwheel Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. New York 2012. This is a variation of the classic "The Gingerbread Man." An interesting story of a gingerbread bear who thinks he is the smartest of them all. After a little girl and her mother decide to bake a cookie for dinner it comes to life and runs away. The bear dodged several people and animals; until he meets his match a clever park ranger. It is a funny book that teaches that there will always someone more clever then you. It may be an interesting idea, and lesson, but overall the book is just a cute tale, that can make your child laugh.   

Train- Written and Illustrated by Elisha Cooper. Published by Orchard Books, an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed in Malaysia 2013. Climb aboard a red Commuter Train and take a ride to the West. This book is a great teaching tool for your children especially those who love trains. The book takes you on a journey throughout our great country. The author capture's a reader's attention by detailed descriptions of how a train works and operates. This book is an excellent educational tool both for your child, and in the classroom as well.     

Goose in a Hole-  Written and illustrated by Judith Kerr. Published by Harper Collins Great Britten 2005. When a Dock pond runs down a hole, Katrina the goose makes the sensible decision to follow the water, and lead her entire family on an underground adventure. As you read the book and follow the Van Gough like illustration you will be thrown into an adventure you will never forget. The Goose family visits all kinds of interesting places looking for a new home, while the towns people fill their pond. Eventually Katrina and her family make it back home. I really enjoyed this cute story and so will your young child. The illustrations made the book a big treat.

The Dinosaur Tooth Fairy-  Written by Martha Brockenbrough, and Illustrated by Israel Sanchez. Published by Arthur A. Levine Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. Printed in China 2013. It been a very long time since the Dinosaur Tooth Fairy had a lovely Dino tooth to collect. That is why she is excited when a little girl come by with a loose tooth, the perfect topping for her great collection. She is not the only one after that tooth. Will this cause a battle between tooth fairies or will a trade take place? The story is full of surprises and intrigue, and wonderful illustrations. Your young reader will want to hear this terrific story over and over again.     

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Young Adult Growth Thrillers


That Time I Joined the Circus- Written by JJ Howard, published by Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. It is a well told life story of a 17 year old girl.  After her father's untimely death and a misunderstanding with her two best friends, she is forced to run away south and join a traveling circus that her mother was a part of once. This journey enriches her with a new outlook on life, and helps her discover her passion for the arts and acting. From a circus clean up crew to a fortune teller with her own act, Lexi's character develops over the course of the book, and discovers her true passion. I highly recommend this book for the dreamers living inside everyone.  

 Ship Breakers- Written by Paolo Bacigalupi, published by Little Brown and Company, New York 2010. Winner of Michael L. Printz Award for Excellence in Young Adult Literature. National Book Award Finalist. The action is set in a futuristic world where a teen named Nailer is a part of a teenage clan that strips old tanker ships of anything they can sell.  Nailer is forced to make a critical decision that can change his world forever. He has to decide if he will strip a ship for its wealth or save a girl who had survived the wreck. The author takes us on a roller coaster ride as our main characters try to find someone who is loyal to the girl's family. This is a page turner that will keep the reader involved from beginning to end.     

The Last Academy- Written by Anne Applegate and published by Point an imprint of Scholastic Inc. New York 2013. 14 year old Camden Fisher arrives in the Boarding School after she has fallen into a pool and almost drowned. Letbe Academy is a strange place where  students disappear without any trace, and no one seems to care. Camden begins searching for clues, to solve this mystery. This brings lots of fear into her life. Anne takes readers on a thrilling ride to a strange high school setting where everything looks perfect, but doesn't seem right. Camden finds herself barely trusting the others students. Something is not quite right here. She is plagued by odd memories, and senses something dark and terrible is brewing here. The answer will have readers stunned by what they learn. This dark, but well written book will have you at the edge of your seat.           
Drowned Cities- Written by Paolo Bacigalupi, and published by Little Brown and Company. New York 2012. In a dark future America has evolved into unending civil wars, and battles for money and power among several Warlords. Two orphans Mahlia and Mouse barely escape the war-torn lands of the Drowned Cities. The author creates a dark futuristic world that effects everyone. This journey is a combination of survival, loyalty, and a heart pounding adventure that takes our characters from a village hidden deep in the jungle to a world where soldier boys and warlords control cities. They are always fighting for more. I really enjoyed reading this book, and the story of this journey. It is a good read, but very violent and bloody. If this High violence does not disturb your teenager, please pick up a copy.       

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Author Spotlight Kimberley Griffiths Little

Welcome all to my first Author Spotlight feature where you will get a chance to meet a well known author and learn about the writing process. 



 1) What were your favorite children books, when you were growing up? 

I read practically every Nancy Drew there was, plus Harriet the Spy, The Little White Horse, and I gobbled up all of Phyllis Whitney’s mysteries, A Wrinkle in Time, etc. I could go on, but I won’t. Basically, I read a book a day all during elementary school.Maybe that’s why I love writing for the middle-grade audience.  

2) What was the inspiration behind writing your book? 

Several things! The magical, mysterious world of butterflies . . . spooky Louisiana swamps, old plantation houses, islands in the South Pacific . . . and a girl who is connected to all those things through her Grammy Claire.

I love mysteries; too, as you can tell from my childhood favorite books, and I wanted to try my hand at writing an actual mystery that didn’t have ghosts or paranormal elements. Just a girl with a brain and secret letters and keys in a mysterious house, trying to help her grandmother who died in an untimely way and who slowly gives her secrets from beyond the grave to figure out the people who are trying to destroy the seunusual butterflies.

It was also very rewarding to write about a very smart and very cool grandmother because I never knew my own grandmothers,(and I hope I can be a very cool grandma too someday!).

3) How many Drafts and rejections did you have before your book was published? 

Since this isn’t my first book and it was already under contract to Scholastic through a proposal I sent to my editor, I didn’t have any rejections—but I racked up hundreds in the year’s previous to selling my first book. And, after my first three books were orphaned, and before I landed a three-book contract with Scholastic, I had a period of 8 years where I was writing like crazy, but not selling anything.Rejections come with the territory of publishing. Now I do about 3-5 drafts of a new book, and two more with my editor and one with the copy editor so each book goes through a lot of hand and eyes.

4) Why Butterflies? 

Butterflies are inherently mysterious. They start out as a little tiny egg on a leaf, turn into a creepy-crawling green caterpillar, then become a white chrysalis or cocoon –and finally, almost like magic, this gorgeous, colorful creature hatches from a white blob and can FLY! And they look like dancing flowers.

Some of the most fun I had writing this novel was researching the butterfly quotes at the beginning of each chapter and putting them in a spot where they reflected what happened in a particular chapter. But two of the quotes do not come from *famous* or well known scientists or movies. One is from my daughter and the other is from Tara’s Grammy Claire herself.

5) What can "When the Butterflies Came" teach our children? 

I write a lot about families with secrets; families who are going through tough times and upheavals and changes—and show how that affects my 11-12 year old main characters. The heart of every story is the knowledge that families are important and they love each other in the end. They can be crazy sometimes, but their core belief is that they work together despite difficult and heart-wrenching events. They stand up for each other, pull together, and can come through hard times stronger than ever.

6) Can you see your book on the Big Screen? 

Not yet - and movie rights are still available! I’m hoping Hollywood—or even some small director—will hear my secret wish, or discover my book when his child brings it home from the library or the Scholastic Book Fair. . . a director that has always loved butterflies and falls in love with my book. I can always dream, right?

7) What future book plans do you have? 

I just turned in my fourth manuscript to my editor at Scholastic for publication summer of 2014. She’s reading it now while I wait chewing my fingernails that she will like it and I won’t have to shred it and start all over (that’s actually happened to me before so I know first-hand how crazy-making it can be). This new book is middle-grade as well and has time slipping and a cursed doll and a girl who lives in an antique store.

Fall of 2014 will be my Young Adult debut with Harpercollins for a book I’ve been researching and writing for nearly ten years so I’m pretty thrilled about finally selling it. It’s an ancient Middle Eastern story about the roots of belly dance in the women’s world, including goddess temples, tribal warfare, camels, and frankincense.

Thank you so much, David, for a great interview and featuring me on your blog!
Here are a few links for your readers:
(I have some awesome book trailers on my website on the Home Page with on location filming in the swamps as well as original music by some friends of mine. Scholastic liked the one for The Healing Spell so well; they commissioned the music to put on their website.)

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Middle Grade Voices

 Middle Grade Books

1) “Children of the Lamp (The Akhanaten Adventure) - by P.B Kerr, published by “Orchard books, and imprint of scholastic Inc.  New York 2004.  What if you find out that you are descendants from a long line of Dijon, human-like  beings created from fire.  They are able to grant wishes, and take on different animal forms.  This is exactly what happens to two twelve-year-old twins, John and Phillippa, after they get their wisdom teeth pulled.  The children are sent to London to their Uncle Nimrod's home where their amazing adventure begins. This venture takes the reader on a magic carpet ride through a fantasy Middle Eastern World.  This journey teaches the twins that granting wishes is not only dangerous for themselves, but for people who desire wishes as well.

2) “Peter and Star Catchers”-Written by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson, illustrated by Greg Call.  Published by Disney Hyperion paperbacks for children New York 2004.  How was never-land discovered?  How did Peter Pan become a boy forever? This book helps the reader find answers to those questions and many more.  Peter Pan is a never aging boy, who visits children at night and takes them to fantasy island called Never-Land where magic lives.  Through the use of vivid language and pencil illustrations, the authors introduce us to how Peter Pan became a part of a world, full of amazing creatures, and magic. This story reveals the mystery of magic dust and how Children can make it real by looking within and tapping into their own imagination.

3) “Infinity Ring book three the trapdoor”- written by Lisa McMann, published by Scholastic Inc.  New York 2013.  The next book in this interactive serious takes our heroes Dak, Sera and Riq to Maryland in 1850 just before the Civil War.  The main character in this book travel back it time and fix History Breaks, that has been caused by an evil corporation with intentions to take over the world. The time period in this book describes how new law has been passed that allows any white American to report free blacks, and then make them slaves. The children's mission is to stop this law, and to save the civil right leaders from a prison Dream like landscapes, humor and adventure take the seriousness of the topic at hand, and twists it into a fun read for everyone. 

4) “The 13th Reality, the Journal of curious letters. - Written by James Dashner, illustrated by Bryan Beus, Published by Shadow Mountain Press an imprint of Worzalla Publishing Co.  Stevens point, WI. 2008. One day a nerdy boy, Atticus Higginbottom receives a strange letter from Alaska.  After this boy’s life changes from a boring one to life full of mystery and questions that, need to be answered.  Twelve clues guide him to an event, after which he will find out the world he lives in is one of many parallel worlds, still need to be discovered and saved.  If a child likes to solve problems through clues, they would love this book.  As the story progresses Atticus grows from zero to hero.  The pencil illustrations, and secrets surrounding his life will keep your middle graders turning the pages.  

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Feb Six

It has been a cold and snowy winter so far. I really hope that you take the time to purchase these picture books and share them with your young children by your fireplace. Please have fun and enjoy that special moment with them.

Picture Books

"I Want my Hat Back"-  Written and Illustrated by Jon Klassen published by Candlewick 
press 2011 Somerville, MA and a Theodor Seuss Geisel Honor book. A Bear's hat is stolen, but who has done it? He searches everywhere by talking to several of his animal friends. Have any of them seen it? This sounds like a simple concept for a story, but it is much more then that. What makes the book unique are the words and Illustrations.  The hat is hidden in the story and your child has to find it. They have to look carefully. It can be used as a game for them, and this makes the book fun. Get a copy today. 

"The Very Beary Tooth Fairy"- Written  by Arthur A. Levine and Illustrated by Sarah S.Brannen, Published by Scholastic Press 2013 New York. All his life Zach the bear has been told to stay away from humans. Than one day he notices a family having a picnic and the little boy has a tooth loose. Zach discovers his tooth is also loose. What if the tooth fairy is a human, he has to find out for himself. The author's words and the illustrations give the legend of the tooth fairy a new twist. I really enjoyed this book very much. It is  a great story to share with your kids. Get your youngster a copy, they will ask you to read over and over again.

"While Your Are Sleeping"-  Written and Illustrated by Alexis Deacon, Published Farrar, Straus and Giroux New York 2006. What happens after the lights go out? This book explores this idea by creating a fantastic world where toys come to life to protect you. The words and illustrations blend perfectly together to make a great book that does not only teach your kids to take care of their toys, but to dream. It answers the question that every child has: "What happens when I sleep?" This delightful story for your young children to read at bedtime. I highly recommend this book for everyone.  

"The Lamb and the Butterfly"- Written by Arnold Sundgaard and illustrated by Eric Carle, Published by Orchard Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc. New York 1988 reprinted 2013. Classic books stay with you all your life and inspire new generations as well. This book teaches a terrific lesson in a classic folk tale style. I was happy to see it re-released. It uses a combination of wonderful language and simple illustrations to show that every individual is unique, and so is their lifestyle. This book wisely teaches youngsters to identify with others, but to truly know themselves. This classic folk tale will be a great gift for your kids.  

"Before You Came."- Written by Patricia Maclachlan and Emily Maclachlan Charest, Illustrated by David Diaz, Published by Katherine Tegan Books an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers New York 2011. Summary-"A mother relates how she spent time before her child arrived, then passes on a gift of days peddling a red canoe, reading in a pillow-filled hammock until dark, and watching the moon rise at night." The use of poetic language and beautiful illustrations explores a universal view of a bound between mother and child. I think that any parent can relate to it. Get a copy of this book and make your little one feel extra special.  

"The Granddaughter Necklace."- Written by Sharon Dennis Wyeth and Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline,   Published by Arthur A. Levine Books an imprint of Scholastic Inc.. January 2013.This picture book is a great read for Black History month. Summary- " A mother shares with her daughter stories of the generations of women in their family as each individual has passed along the tales and glittering necklace to her own daughter." I liked this book very much. I recommend it for older readers or to be used in a classroom setting. The illustrations are wonderful and the concept beyond the story is great.  

Enjoy the picture books above, and I will have four new middle readers up in mid March.