Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Lost Days of a book Summer ( Back to School Soon)

Another Summer is coming to an end. Sports, camps, rest and everything in between. Your kids were given reading lists of books to read and I had my own list of books to read. In this post I will share them with you. I believe books open a door to the imagination, it leads us to way of escape. It is kind of like a lazy summer day where many of the civilians relax. Sitting on a porch with you faithful dog by your side. Looking out on a lake or just hanging out. Taken a family vacation or just spending more time with your life's partner. Books are just like that for your children or yourself. Please enjoy this list and share your commends with me by contacting me. 

Picture Books

"The Day the Stones Walked"- This book was written by T.A. Barron and illustrated by William Low. Published by Philomel Books a division of Penguin Young Readers Group, 2007. This is a very unique book it takes place in Easter Island a very different setting. Summary: "Pico does not believe the old stories that say the moai, the stone statues of his village, come alive and protect the people in time of trouble, until a great wave comes and he is in grave danger. Includes facts about tsunamis, Easter Island, and the effects of deforestation." This book is full of wonderful pictures and it takes the reader on a journey a place not visited to often. It opens you child's eyes to a visual feast of history, fantasy and history. I highly recommend this great book for your children.

'Something to Do"- This book is written and illustrated by David Lucas. Published by Philomel Books a division of Penguin Group in 2008. This book is very simple to read and understand. What happens when a little bear has nothing to do to fill his day. He tries out all kind of activities to keep him busy. I enjoyed this book because it gives a balance between fantasy and reality. It also has very simple pictures that make the one lines texts it uses to stand out and keep your child turning the pages. It starts from walking and then ends up on the moon. This can be a great book to read for your kinder-gardeners and first graders. It can teach them very much.

"Say Hello"- This book was written and illustrated by two siblings Jack & Michael Foreman. It was published by Walker Books in London England. 2007. I really enjoyed this book, because of the simplicity and basic drawings. This book is for the younger kids who are one to five years old. Most of the book is two and three word phases that can be a great tool for children to learn to read at a very early age. It is about a dog who seems to be shy and like the book says "Left Out" of everyday fun activities. It follows him on a mini adventure looking to make friends. This book can be a very fun one to read and learn from.

Middle Readers

"The Suburb Beyond The Stars"- This book was written by M.T. Anderson and published by Scholastic press in June 2010.  In a suburb of Vermont strange things are happening. Summary: "When Brian and Gregory go to Vermont woods to track down Prudence, they find many things are ... off. People are not where they're supposed to be. Time has stopped working properly. And at night, something stalks between the houses, taking people away. It up to them to save the town, the state and humanity itself." This book is the second in a trilogy. I really enjoyed this book. It is full of action, adventure and mystery. The first book "The Game of Sunken Places" won the National Book Award. This can be a fun read for you middle grader and will have appeal to both boys and girls. 

"Merlin, The Mirror of Fate."- This book is written by T.A. Barron. Published by Puffin Books an imprint of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. 1999. Summary: Through adventure involving a hunted marsh, talking trees, and a creature called the ballymag, the young wizard Merlin continues to experience both his growing powers and his essential humanity." This is book 4 in the Merlin series like the others is is very well written and uses a canvas of wonderful words. As your read this book you live inside it and experience the world through Merlin's eyes. It is a fun and fast read and a great book for your middle grader. Every parent and teacher should introduce your children to this group of books. 

End Note
 Thank you everyone for looking at this newest update to my blog. I am very sorry it took me four months to update been a busy summer for me. Look for my next update at the end of November. I will have more books and fun things for you to look at Enjoy.