Friday, March 16, 2012

Fantasy in Middle Grade novels ( Our inner world)

      Each one of us is born with the gift of imagination, it sleeps inside ready to pour out in life. It is used in books, or when as children we had imaginary friends or in playing with others. It also can be used to write. No wonder why these days fantasy books are so hot. Many of them became world wide best sellers. A few examples are "Harry Potter" these books sold like wild fire. Seven main books and then eight movies. Many people of all ages had read them. Then we have "The Hunger Games" which I reviewed sometime back in my blog.  Today I will review specifically Middle Grade books.  This is a growing trend and new books come out on a daily basis. Please enjoy my reviews below.

Middle Grade

"Merlin The Lost Years Book 1"- By T. A. Barron, Puffin Books a division of Penguin books 1996. This book is very interesting it takes a common character of fantasy folklore Merlin and adds a twist. He asks the question What was his childhood like and from this question the writer created twelve books. In Book 1 a the boy Merlin finds himself thrown at the coast of Wales. He has lost all his memory of his past and he does not know where he even came from.  This is where this beautifully written story begins.  A whole new world is created. Its wonderful language and several scenes of pure natural beauty makes this book a wonderful read for anyone not only adults but your middle grader. A balance of adventure, magic, action adds the whip cream topping to Merlin's story. As the book goes on you meet characters that are alive. You young boy or girl will not want to put this book down and I highly recommend it to them and to you.  While you read this book you will find many layers to the story and will be indulged in its wonderful landscape and nature connection. 

"Merlin The Seven Songs Book 2"- By T. A. Barron, Puffin Books a division of Penguin publishing 1997. Our wonderful story of the boy Merlin continues here. Summary: "Having stumbled upon his hidden powers, the young wizard Merlin voyages to the Otherworld in his quest to find himself and the way to the realm of the spirit." Our hero has to learn the secret a universal connection here of all creatures including humans, animals, plants, rocks and etc.. Scattered in the Isle of Fincayra each song has to be found then mastered. Merlin takes a grand journey here to learn about them. He meets several fantastic creatures and new friends. He has to travel to the otherworld to get a special potion to save his mom's life. Like in book 1 the author has a perfect balance of adventure, action, characters and landscape. This book will also be hard to put down.

I hope you guys will get a chance to look at this wonderful series of books. Next update I will be adding more books from this series plus I will have some picture, Young adult and a new education book section. Enjoy.