Tuesday, February 7, 2012

All great things have to come to an end. ( Final day)

Day 3 The SCBWI End Game

     I am sorry it took me a while to do this last post but I have been going over what I have learned in the conference and processing the whole thing. I think I am ready to share this with all of you epically after my home team the Giants won the Super Bowl on Sunday against New England, Go Giants well anyway enough with that here is a brief list of some interesting things that I want to share with you about the last day of the SCBWI conference. Let me start by taking you guys on a journey that every new writer in any genre goes through. Those of you who write will be able to make sense of it all.

   Imagine this it is a cold brisk winter day as you finish you first conference ever. You have been inspired to continue to write. You are a new children book writer who have worked your heart out to give birth to your story. You brought the breath of life into a character, you created a whole new world with rich dialog and an amazing storyline. You have shared this story with your critique group they love it. You read it you children they love it. You believe that it ready for publishing. Then you do lots of research to find the right match for your baby that you have been working on for years. This is tough because now most of the publishing company's require that you get an agent, the few that don't are hard to contact and probably will not even write back to you with some suggestions. Yet you get lucky, you receive rejection letters that give you an idea of what needs to be done. First of remember that this happens to everyone and you should not take it personally but "keep trying and never give up" like my nephew Noah told me one day. Those six worlds spoken by a three year old boy about two years ago should be you inspiration to keep on writing and do not give up. That is the best summary I can give you of the last day in the SCBWI winter conference. Let me just give you a brief list to sum that half day up. Now lets get down to business now.

    Each of you would be considered a mid-list author if your manuscript is accepted by a a publisher. You must write steadily and get you writing out there one day you will get a match. On Sunday there was about three groups of speakers: A panel called Bookmaker's dozen this is a group consisted of an art director from Scholastic and 12 amazing picture book writers and illustrators. The group was formed by my friend and Co-classmate John Rocco about two years ago. They spoke about the importance of finding a group to work with and hang out with. each one of the speakers talked about the process they go through in maken a picture book and the importance of team work in the industry. The second group of speakers was four agents I can sum up the speech with these words make sure to research, get an agent and get your work out there. The times are rapidly changing daily. The day ended with a speech by Kathryn Erskins I will summarize it with these words that should be a part of every writer: Freedom to Create, Organization, creativity, Understanding and sharing. All the first letters spell Focus. She talked in detail about each section and ability the process she goes through when she writes a new manuscript. She is a very famous writer.
     In conclusion, I would like you guys to remember what my nephew said. It is children like him everywhere we are writing for. Yes, the process is a long and hard journey that we will take but it is that journey we strive for. Do not be afraid of rejections and never put down your pen, computer or paintbrush. Let us all take each other's hands and guide us toward a fun and successful career. Just to end this with a high note: When Harry Potter was first written it was rejected 42 times and now look at her. Ask yourself this question what are those editors and publishers are thinking now. Keep and writing and taking this journey. You guys will never know what will happen, Good luck. Just and end note I will post new reviews in my next update. Sometime in February.