Sunday, September 11, 2011

Some great children books Heroes and remembering 9-11-2001

      It has been ten years since the attacks on New York, Pennsylvania and Washington DC. On that day evil destroyed our country. Today we remember all the heroes that died in the bombings. It was a beautiful crisp Tuesday mourning, the sky was almost clear blue, with a few clouds floating in the sky. That day almost 4000 people were killed just because they wanted to start work early. each one of them had a face and a family they just wanted to support. After 9-11-2001 the whole country joined together. People were proud to be Americans.  The red, white and blue flew high. Each one of them died as heroes for freedom. They died for this country.
     Now once again we suffer and it is time we all joined together as one. Stop the politics, stop the fights and put your country first. USA will always be a great and powerful country but today we all cry for our future. It is time to honer being American and it is time to love our country. Get the jobs back, get the economy rolling and God Bless the USA and lets honer everyone who gave up their lives for Freedom.
   I will review a few books with great heroes in them, Please take a look at them and read.

Picture Books

Black Out- This book is written and illustrated by my friend John Rocco, It came out in 2011 from Hyperion Books. It is great for children Age 4-8. The hero here is the people of New York City, I am quoting my friend "It was a normal, summer night in the city. Hot, Noisy, Busy and then the lights went out." In this book John takes us on a ride back to August when all the lights in NYC went out.  All the people were busy at first but after the Blackout they all joined together and ran out into the streets and when the lights went back on they were not busy anymore. I chose his book because on 9-11-2001 New Yorkers also joined together to save each others. They all risked their lives to do this. This book has wonderful illustrations and is a good read for your children.

Ghost Ship- This book was written by Mary Higgins Clark and Illustrated by Wendell Minor. It was published in 2007 by Simon and Schuster. "While visiting his grandmother on Cape Code, nine-year-old Thomas encounters a ship's cabin boy from centuries past." I loved this ghost story very much. The reason I choose this as a book to review on the ten year anniversary of 9-11 because it looks at the possibility of ghosts. When those buildings fell the in-prints of those who died were left behind. In this book our hero encounters a boy from 1752, who teaches him all the history of a ship he was on. The illustrations are wonderful and it is just a great historical story that should be shared with your children. Please give this book a chance.

The Enchanted Rope- This gives me a chance to talk about my picture book. It was written by David D Bernstein and Illustrated by Sally Taylor. It was published in 2010 by Outskirts Press. The best age for this book is 6 to 8. The reason I choose this book is because My hero Jack finds a way to grief for his mother's death by going into a world of imagination. Doing 9-11 many children had lost their family members. I watched some of these kids speak today. My book will help both children and adults to cope with the death of their loved ones. It is written in the fairy tale form. "Under the Alaskan sun, in a field of dreams, Jack gathers up one hundred wildflowers and starts to weave an enchanted rope so he can climb up to the world of angels his mother is in." This book has many wonderful reviews and I believe if someone had lost a loved one it can bring them comfort and joy knowing that they are looking over them.

Middle Readers

I will share one middle grade series with you guys. Each of these books are a fun and wonderful read. The Sister Grimm Series of Books- These books are written by Michael Buckley and illustrated by
Peter Ferguson. It has a total of 9 books published by Amulet Books. These books are about two sisters who are relatives of the Brothers Grimm. They moved to their grandmother's house and became fairy tale detectives. All nine books take place in a town called Ferry-port where an evil curse has been put on the ever afters which are characters of various fairy tales. They are not aloud to leave this city. The spell only can broken if their is no more Grimm family. These books are full of lots of humor and memorable characters and lots of puzzles and Mystery. I highly recommend these books to middle readers. I chose this book for my
9-11  blog because all of us need to live in a world of fairy tales and imagination. God Bless everyone. Let us all remember all those men and women who not only died on 9-11-2001 but died serving are country and saving our freedoms. Thanks to all the government officials who took action on that dark day in US history.