Sunday, June 5, 2011

Book Expo of America 2011 (A great book party)

(Note- I will post new book recommendations next update. I am still waiting to get an independent publisher's book, that I can review. If you want me to review your children's book, Please e-mail me to for further  directions. )
    It took place in New York's  Javit's Center from Monday May 23 to Thursday May 26. I had the privilege to be a part of this experience. I helped out in one of the booths and had a book signing, which went great.
    Let me tell a bit about this trade show and give you some wonderful news about children book publishing.  I spend three full days in the Expo. It is the second largest Book Expo in the world with 6000 plus booths. All the major book publishers were there and many unknown ones as well. It combined everyone in publishing industry. It included traditional publishers, bookstores, Self publishers, book sellers, librarians, teachers, editors, authors and many others.
     Doing my stay I understood that with the new technologies book publishing is becoming an easier now. I also learned that children book publishing is not going anywhere anytime soon. I got to here several lectures on this topic. The truth is today children book publishing is becoming stronger and better then ever. The new technologies gives more writers a chance to get their stories out to world.
    Another topic that was talked about is that publishing has become much more competitive and has been moved to new medias like e-books and electronic readers. This opens many new markets as well. The business continues to grow and change rapidly. This can be both a good thing and a bad one as well.
     As I went from booth to booth I got a chance to meet so many wonderful people. I also got a preview of books that will be going to be published in the near future. I also got many free books as gifts. I also got a preview of the future of book publishing and got a Chance to see some wonderful booths.
      In conclusion, I highly recommend that everyone involved in book publishing or who is a children book reader to get a chance to come to the Book Expo in "The Big Apple."


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