Monday, May 23, 2011

Book Review "Lost on Spirit River."

Book 1

3 out 5 Stars

       This book written by Tommy Batchelor and illustrated by Kim Reale. It was published in November 2010 by Mirror Publishing. This book for middle readers looks at a very interesting concept of two children and a dog named Sally whose native American relatives need them to save them from being trapped in the world of shadows.
        Tony and Kathryn go on a journey through forests and are eventually are guided to a place called Spirit River. I believe this book covers a very interesting topic and could be a good read for your middle readers.     
    Sally the dog is the strongest character here. She stands out from the rest. The book is written well and has wonderful black and white illustrations. Over all I found the children very weak characters and I believe they could have been developed better. I found the book confusing in places, but as I read on I started to understand it.  
      In conclusion, overall the book was a fun read but it could have used more work. The children could have been developed more and it could use more action. There were a few scenes that could have been made more clear as well.    

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