Friday, March 4, 2011

Healing Yourself on all Levels (Week 2)

Book Reviews
   Hello again my friends, I am now reading my forth children's book. In April I will dedicate my whole blog post to lots of books suggestions for teachers, children and parents. It will be a list divided into categories each with three to four books on it. Until then I will continue with my experience here in Hippocrates.

Week 2
     I  have been here almost two weeks now and have finally adjusted my body to the major changes in all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. A process that people who come here go through is called detox. It is the hardest part of the journey. For five days: from last Thursday to Monday I did not get much sleep, My body had aches everywhere, and I was on an emotional roller coaster ride. One day I could be happy the next angry and etc... All this is part of the process most people go through here. That is what took place last week.
     On Tuesday the detox slowed down and I started feeling much better. Here in the center you will find many amazing machines and people that help each individual out. There are also six different kinds of pools, an exercise club, great lectures, classes and much more.
     I will end this post with an amazing story. One lady was told that she would die within  six months from cancer, from that point on she started going to Hippocrates. She comes here every year for three weeks. Today she spoke at the graduation, it is her 18 visit and she is still alive and well. One more story that I have to share about another woman who had all kinds of problems with here body, She has been coming here nine years and those problems have vanished.
     In conclusion I want to end with some inspiration for everyone. Our world has many problems in it. war, slavery, torture, aggression, hatred, pain and much more. What this world needs more of is love, peace, happiness, and light. Hippocrates Health Institute nourishes these qualities in everyone who visits. They do it through passion, and inspiration.   

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