Monday, March 21, 2011

All around fantasy and a little about reality

Fantasy Book Reviews

Picture Books

1) Where The Wild Things Are -This picture book by Maurice Sendak and  a very popular book. I highly recommend it if you did not read it yet. The book is a classic and has been for years.  It was published originally in 1963 and won the 1964 Caldecott Medal for most distinguished picture book of the year. When a boy named Max misbehaves his mother sends him to his room where his fantastic journey begins. After his journey he comes home to discover that barely any time had passed even though his trip seemed to take place a very long time. This book is a wonderful read not only for children but adults as well. It explores the possibilities of other worlds and so much more.

2) The Egg- This picture book by M.P Robertson is less known, but also a great read. It was published in 2001 by Dial books. It is about a boy named George, who one day discovers a huge egg under one of his barn chickens. When the egg is warmed and hatches a dragon is born. It is then when George's adventure begins. His adventure takes him for a special training and eventually to another world where dragons live. The book has amazing illustrations and a great fantasy story line that any child or adult will enjoy. It is a great read for everyone. Make sure to look for this book and to share it with your children in the classroom or by a sizzling fire.

3) Sweep Dreams- This picture book came out in 2005. It is by Nancy Willard and Illustrated by Mary Grandpre.  It was published by Little Brown and company. It is about a man who fell in love with a magical broom. The mystery started when the lady at the register had no idea where this broom was from. Since it had no cost on it she gave it to the man as a gift. The man never used the broom to sweep and this made her sick. As soon as started using her to sweep the floors and etc.. the broom became very happy and danced outside in the street.  A bad man saw it and kidnapped her. As the book goes on many magical adventures take place. I believe children will get right into the story. The book has all kinds of wonderful pictures that almost everyone will enjoy. Please pick up a copy.

Middle Readers

1) The Phantom Tollbooth- I read this wonderful book back in elementary school. It was written Norton Juster and illustrated by Jules Feiffer who I had the pleasure to meet and talk to a few months ago. It came out from Random House in 1961. I love this classical book that teaches many things to children. It is about a boy named Milo who is bored of everything in his life. One day a tollbooth mysteriously appears in his room. Milo drives through it in his toy car because he has nothing better to do. This leads him to a different world. It is here that Milo's whole view of life changes. he takes on several amazing quests and meets fantastic creatures including a ticking watch dog named Tock.  I loved this classic fantasy book as a young lad and I truly believe your son or daughter will as well.

2) The Book of Time Trilogy- I got a chance to read this Trilogy on my trip to FL. You can look back at my older posts to read more about it. It includes three books: The Book of Time, The Gate of Days and The Circle of Gold. They are by Gullaume Prevost and were translated by William Rodarm. The books  originally published by Gallimard Jeunnesse in 2006, 2007 and 2008. The English- language translations were published by Arthur A. Levine books in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Cheryl Klein was the wonderful editor who worked on this wonderful Fantasy Trilogy.  The books are about Faulkner family. They could be any ordinary family on the outside, but they have many secrets. Sam Faulkner a 13 year old boy discovers a secret room that lets him travel through time. He learns that his own father traveled in time earlier in his life. In these three books Sam has a very important mission. He has to save not only his parents from very evil forces, but also has to save time and the world itself from the same evil being. This is a very fun set of books that both girls and boys would love. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Young Adult Books

1) Feed- I had a chance to read this fantasy Young adult book a few years ago. It was a National Book Award finalist and was published by Candlewick Press in 2002. It was written by M.T Anderson. This book explores a future where teen agers and most humans had been implanted with a device known as a feed. It is a transmitter implanted directly into the brain. Titus meets a girl named Violet who cares what is going on in the world around them challenge everything Titus and his friends hold dear. She decides to fight the feed and the evil forces behind it. The book takes the reader on a journey through this future world and looks at how teenagers rebel against it. It is masterfully written and can be a great read for our young people and the battles they face in everyday life. I highly recommend that everyone read this book.

2) The Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit- These high fantasy books are on top of my list as must reads. They were written by J.R.R Tolkien in the mid 1950's.  They had a deep storyline with fantastic setting, landscape, characters and plot. It is your typical good vs evil fantasy story. All four books are wonderfully written and are must reads for everyone. As most of you know they later became award winning movies that are timeless classics. Tolkien created a whole new world in his books. If you did not get a chance to read these books please pick them up in your local bookstore or library and enjoy a fantastic trip through a new visual world you would never forget.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Healing Yourself (Its all about the people)

Week 3

     I want to start by sending a prayer to Japan and all the other people hurt by the earthquake that hit today. God bless everyone and may you spark of hope glow brighter always.  Love and light to everyone who have gone and who have suffered on this day.
    Today I finished my three week stay in Hippocrates Health Institute. I want to write this blog especially about People. It is them who create this world we live in. Here in the center it is all about men and women who came to change their lives. The healing that takes place and the love you feel  around you everyday. It is all about support for each other. People come here for two reasons to be saved or enlightened. Each one is treated with love not only from the staff, but from the others staying here. It is a community where you meet so many amazing people with fantastic stories of how they were saved. They were saved from cancer, diabetes, heart disease and so many other illnesses.
It is a hard journey that each of us takes together. All through out this journey support is everywhere.

    I will like to end with a one inspiring story: one man had a very bad case of arthritis, he came here nine weeks ago. At one point he could not walk he went on the diet and came here, his family joined him for the last three weeks and they were amazed at how he had improved. They also changed all their lifestyle to support him. His youngest son had an allegory to sugar and he talked about how he almost died because of this allergy. This incident not only changed this family's life, but brought them closer together.

     In conclusion I would to say if any of ever decide to come here to heal yourself or just to detox you will discover lots of support and will meet many amazing people with fantastic stories. Hippocrates Health Institute will heal you on all levels and this place will open up your mind to many possibilities and change your life forever.   

Friday, March 4, 2011

Healing Yourself on all Levels (Week 2)

Book Reviews
   Hello again my friends, I am now reading my forth children's book. In April I will dedicate my whole blog post to lots of books suggestions for teachers, children and parents. It will be a list divided into categories each with three to four books on it. Until then I will continue with my experience here in Hippocrates.