Saturday, February 26, 2011

Healing Yourself on all Levels

Children Book Reviews        

Hello everyone for the next three posts I will not do any reviews. I am reading many children books that will be recommended for everyone in about a month. I will be blogging to everyone about a very special place I am visiting right now. I will tell you about miracles that went on here. I will also share my experience. I am doing lots of reading and when I update in April I will have more children book suggestions for librarians, children and parents. I will also add my first book review. Enjoy these posts.

Miracles Happen Here

Week 1

     First time I heard about Hippocrates Health Institute was when my parents came home with the stories of miracles that took place there: the man whose cancer tumor shrunk, the man whose kidney stones vanished, the woman who got out of her wheel chair and the small girl who was brought here as a last resort to awake her from a coma.
     No, it was not some kind of a magical healer who used his hands on them, or some kind of special enchanted well. Every one of these individuals were guided in healing and had a major lifestyle shift. Now I am here myself witnessing more stories of recovery. I want to tell you one story that could touch anyone. A lady came here six weeks ago in very horrible shape: she wanted to kill herself. Almost 80 percent of her skin had one of the worst skin disease. In just six weeks most of her skin disease vanished. Initially, her daughter sent her for a three weeks stay, but then her stay was extended a bit more. Her daughter promised to come also but she made excuses in her home life to come later and later.  She eventually showed up and even brought her brother. Yesterday they all made a speech of thanks at graduation ceremony. One word stood out from the rest of her speech; "Gratitude" On top of being thankful for getting back her mother, she was thankful of being together as a family.

     This is my second time here, but my parents have been coming since 2006 after my dad was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease  disease about seven years ago. He was told by the top doctor that he will be in a wheel chair in four years. It now has been almost seven years and my dad's symptoms have stayed stable. .

     Hippocrates is not only a health center but also top new age spa.  Every one talks with each other and gives love and support on this journey we take together.

     The combination of diet, speeches, sun, spa treatments you never heard of plus the common treatments found everywhere make this a wonderful place. It is like going back to camp for adults. Amazingly this year their are many young children who have come to support there parents. I will share more stories and give some more details on how this program is run in my other posts. Look for my next one on Friday. Please look at the website found on my blog.

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