Friday, February 18, 2011

Black History Month ( Are we all slaves in this world?)

Great books to read
  1. The Adventures of Huck Finn- This book written by Mark Twain is a great example of an all time classic. It is about a young boy who never went school and who spends days at time just doing noting but having fun. Ain't this a dream of many boys. The book has lots of bad grammer and language. It was written in the 19 century just after the civil war. The author is a genis in many ways. The book really takes of when Huck Finn meets a slave named Jim. He helps this man escape. That is when the real adventure begins. They build a raft and go on a dangerous journey on the Mississippi River the heart of the south. This book is a classic American boy tale. The language is hard but it will be the perfect book for your middle grade or young adult reader. Please incourage your children to read this classic american novel and do not forget about The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I really loved both these books and did a research paper on them. I bet you kids will love them too. 
  2. The Slave Dancer- This book written by Paula Fox and a newberry award winner in 2002 is a wonderful book to honor black history month. It is about a 13 year old boy named Jessie Bollier who is earning pennies by playing his fife on docks of New Orleans. One day he is kidnapped and thrown aboard a slave ship, where his job is to provide music while shackled slaves dance and keep their muscles strong and bodies profitable. On this journey Jessie is sickened at how these slaves are treated. They are whipped and treated very bad. Before the ship makes it to it goal it shipwrecked in the Gulf of Mexico. Jessie and a slave boy named Ras are the only two survivors. This book is a powerful work and it should not be missed. It presents one of the most gruesome eras in history. Any 11- 14 year old should read this book. 
  3. Rosa's Bus The Ride to Civil Rights- This picture book written by Jo S. Kittinger and illustrated by Steven Walker came out in 2010. It looks at the civil rights movement of the 1960's through the eyes of bus that Mrs. Rosa Parks boarded. This point of view I found to be lots of fun and intersting. It gives new meaning to that saying "What if walls could talk?" This book also looks at the bus boycut that followed. This book is both historical and fun to read. I highly recommend your share it with your students or children. It is a great resource to teach youngsters about the civil rights movement. Please enjoy. 

Are we all Slaves to this world?

   The battle for human rights has been going on forever. Every one of us had to go through this darkness. Look at every culture in history. Slaves have been around always. Not only in the USA but in the world and all through out history.  I do not think there will ever be a true Utopia, because of these three words greed, power and money. This is what is behind everything evil in this world. Those three words cause: war, slavery, torture, death and so much more. You are all wondering how does this statement has to do with me?
Every one of us knows this. We follow the rules, we pay our taxes and live out our daily lives. This is where money comes in. Everything revolves around it. Are we slaves to money? I think we are, but we do not have much choice here.
    How can we become free? This is a great question, we can do this in two ways. One way is to escape to some unknown island or forest and live off the land like the native americans did for years until white people came and killed them. That is how America began, first a British colony then a free country. I ask you all again are we truly free. The second way is the path I picked and many of you did. I decided to face reality but to escape into my dream world. I became a writer and an artist. That is the path to freedom. We change  young lives everyday. We create perfect worlds in our books. We write on our own time, and have no office job or maybe we do. Freedom is found within even though the world around us will always run by greed, power and money.
    In conclusion, let us not only remember black history month, but every man, woman and child who have been killed, totured, enslaved and hurt because of these three evil words: greed, power and money. Let the artists lead the way to a better tommorow.      

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