Friday, February 11, 2011

About me and a few book suggestions

     Hello folks and welcome to my new blog. let me tell everyone a little about me and then I will add a few wonderful  books for the teachers and parents out there.
     I was born in Moscow Hospital in the mid seventies and left Russia to find religious freedom in the USA. When we applied to leave my parents lost their jobs right away. We had to wait three years until America opened her doors to us.
    We came here in 1981 invited by a local temple to a city in New York called Mount Vernon. I learned the language in just under six months, because my sister and I got invited to sleep away camp within one month when we arrived in the States. I was six and she was eight. All I can say it was the most horrible sleep away experience I ever had. Everyone made fun of me and I was almost forced to eat a live frog, it tasted a little salty. I can look back at this and laugh now but imagine how a little boy would feel.
     The years went by and I went through the American School system and eventually got an MLS and a library media certification. I always loved to write all my life. This was the case because my sister and I grew up around fairy tales.My parents read to us almost every night.   
     I started by writing poetry and then got into children's books after the 9-11-2001. This was the day that changed my life forever.  I now have a book out called "The Enchanted Rope." I am waiting to hear from two publishing companies as well on my manuscripts. I am now working on a fantasy trilogy.
    If anyone wants me to do a review for a book please contact me at
Great Children books 

  1.     " The Red Pyramid"- The book comes from Rick Riordan the author of the Percy Jackson books. It is a part of "The Kane Chronicles and is told from the perspective of two siblings. It looks into Egyptian magic and how the two children save the world from an evil Egyptian God. It is a great book for both boys and girls that not only teaches them about Egyptian history and magic but takes the reader on an action filled adventure through time and space. A great book for middle grade. They would get into it very much. Do take a look at this classic. 
  2. "A Simple Shard."- This 2002 Newbery winner by Linda Sue Park is beautifully written book that explores the life of an orphan named Tree-Ear. He has a dream to be a master potter. To make his dream come true he works for no pay with a master potter named Min. This book is a virtual journey of the senses, that teaches the reader to always live your dreams. 


Sandie said...

Lord Spiritwalker,
Have you ever thought about writing a book about you coming over to America? I know that "Molly's Pilgrim" was a little too deep for my primary students . The experiences you have is valuable.
I know my mother came from China. She was not used to eating cheese because they do not have it in China. She thought macaroni and cheese stunk and so did cheese. She would never touch it.
Your slimy frog was a great example of this.
We have many students arriving from Mexico and elsewhere in California. There is a need for immigration stories.

ELiles said...

I thought the same thing as Sandy! That your story of coming to America would be great for children to read. Sounds like a chapter book in the making to me!

Good luck to you.


Margot Finke said...

This looks super. I LOVE it!!

Margot's Magic Carpet

Peg said...

I could see a humourous story about your overnight camp. I think alot of us had something like that and kids would relate. I look forward to following your blog.

Bella said...

Hi David,

I am a recent library school graduate with a concentration in children's and young adult librarianship. I came to the NYC in 1992 when I was eight years old from Lvov, Ukraine. My mother was a children's librarian there. Unfortunately it is difficult to find a position in my field in NYC. Thank you for your wonderful blog which I found on NYLINE.